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Do you make commercial furniture?

Yes we do. We work with interior designers, architects, shopfitters and direct customers across many industries.


What is your lead time?

Our lead time varies with each job and is heavily dependent on current workloads and sourcing of timber. Generally, we prefer to source the timber (if not available in our yard) before we provide a formal quotation. In this case, our lead time will depend on our workload but in most cases 8-12 weeks can be expected.


Can you help if I am unsure of the design and size of the furniture?

Yes, we sure can. We are here to help. We will ask questions relating to your requirements and intended use of the product and then will be able to make a recommendation. Our recommendation will include dimensions and preferred finishing to match the intended use keeping in mind low maintenance.  

If you are able to send us a picture of what you are after this will make the process much easier and straight forward! 


How do we work out shipping arrangements?

It is best to discuss this upfront. We use DHL for shipping and will provide a shipping cost for your product before we get started. 


How much can I expect to pay?

Our pricing is influenced on many factors. This includes availability of timber, labour intensity, design, materials, storage (in some cases) and volume.

Usually we are able to provide an approximate figure in early discussions based on what we see.